You plug in an extension cord and have to be very careful around the electrical outlet. However, you can handle the extension cord without worry of…

1.You plug in an extension cord and have to be very careful around the electrical outlet. However, you can handle the extension cord without worry of being shocked by the electrical charge. Which statement best explains why you can do-this? (2 points)

A. The cord is made of a combination of materials, which are good conductors of electricity. The combination of two conductors directs the flow of electricity away from you and down the cord.

B. The extension cord is made of plastic which only conducts electricity for a certain period of time. If you handle the cord, the electricity passes through it so fast that you are not in danger of being shocked.

C. The extension cord is made of copper wire, which is a good conductor of electricity; however, it is covered with plastic, an insulator, which does not allow the electrical current to flow to you.

D. The cord has a plastic cover, which is a good conductor of electricity so it carries the electrical current away from your hand, which is an insulator.

2.Which statement is true regarding copper’s ability to conduct electricity? (2 points)

A. Copper is a good conductor of electricity because its atoms have a loosely held electron in their outer shell that is able to move freely to other atoms.

B. Copper is a poor conductor of electricity because its atoms are held in positions that cannot move.

C. Copper is a good conductor of electricity because its atoms have electrons that are tightly bound to their shells and will resist movement.

D. Copper is a poor conductor of electricity because it has a free electron in its outer shell that will flow to other copper atoms.

3.When describing the interaction between magnetic poles we could say that (2 points)

A. north and south poles attract each other.

B. north and south poles repel each other.

C. two north poles will attract each other.

D. two south poles will attract each other.

4.Which statement best describes the relationship between metals and magnets? (2 points)

A. All metals are attracted to magnets because they are able to create their own magnetic field.

B. All metals are attracted by magnets; this is why we call metals ferromagnetic.

C. Magnets do not have a magnetic field so only some metals are attracted to them.

D. Only some metals are attracted by magnets; these metals are called ferromagnetic.

5.When discussing magnetic fields we could say that (2 points)

A. metals can become magnetic if they have many spinning electrons that create magnetic fields.

B. metals are magnets because they have more electrons than non-magnetic materials.

C. non-paired electrons spin in opposite directions creating a magnetic field.

D .the spinning electrons in some atoms pair up and create-a magnetic field.

6.You are asked to explain the Earth’s magnetic field. Which is the best reply? (2 points)

A. The Earth’s magnetic south is similar to the north pole of a magnet.

B. The Earth’s core has a strong magnetic charge similar to the south pole of a magnet.

C. The Earth’s geomagnetic south is similar to the south pole of a magnet.

D. The Earth’s magnetic charge is not centered at either pole; it varies based on location.

7.Electromagnets are created by (2 points)

A. applying a charge to a magnetic material, wrapped in an insulator, which creates an electromagnetic field around the magnet.

B. covering a magnet with insulation and applying an alternating electrical current to the magnet.

C. twisting a ferromagnetic material, wrapping in an insulator, and applying a direct current to the coil.

D. wrapping an insulated wire around a metal with ferromagnetic properties and applying an electric current.

8.Which of the following best describes the use of a renewable resource? (2 points)

A. Coal is mined from deep passages dug in a mountainside and burned to generate electricity.

B. Natural gas is extracted from deep in the Earth and piped to customers to use for cooking.

C. Oil is pumped from beneath the ocean floor and refined into jet fuel to power airplanes.

D. Solar panels are able to gather the energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy.

9.Which statement is true? (2 points)

A. Geothermal power plants use the renewable resource of heat from within the Earth to generate electricity.

B. Hydroelectric energy uses the energy from the sun, which is a renewable resource.

C. Oil is a nonrenewable resource that is hardly ever used, so there is not a concern of depleting the Earth’s supply.

D. Solar energy is a nonrenewable resource that is used by many countries all over the world.

10.With pollution on the rise, and demand for fresh water increasing, world leaders are concerned that in the future many people will not have access to clean drinking water. Select the statement that best describes the long-term global effects of this behavior. (2 points)

A. People do not need to be concerned because there is an unlimited supply of fresh water on the Earth so we will never run out.

B. Fresh water is a limited resource. If we pollute the fresh water we have, there will be a shortage of clean drinking water in the future.

C. The Earth is getting warmer and if all the ice melts the sea level will rise and we will have more fresh water.

D. There will always be enough fresh water because the Earth is about 75% water and it surrounds every continent.


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